Changes to the Crime Writing Course

There are some changes, well, one change.
Due to health reasons, the course MUST be during the week and not at a weekend. (I need 3 days to recover from walking to and from the bookshop for four days in a row.)
So, the course will be on a FRIDAY morning starting at 10:30AM and finishing at 12:30PM.
Everything else is the same. The cost remains at $100 per person for the 5 lesson course. (This is considerably less than I make when I’m teaching via CEC. And I’ve thought long and hard about offering the course here in Upper Hutt.)
The minimum number of people required for this course to go ahead is 3. The maximum is 5.
Please contact me via my website and put “Crime writing course” as the subject.
There is a course companion workbook that will be available from me during the course for $15 (it’s over $35 on Amazon.)

About the course:
This course is designed to introduce new writers (and more experienced writers) to the world of crime writing. You will be looking at writing basics, crime genres, characters, story construction, research, plotting and story arcs, outlining (yay or nay), heroes and villains and finish with log lines and synopsis writing, among other things. This is an intense but fun course.
The objective is to encourage and support you by imparting knowledge that you can apply going forward and find real enjoyment in writing crime (or whatever you go on to write).

Bring notebook and pens.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to the following and more:
Create an outline for a crime novel or short story.
Construct characters’ maps and believable characters.
Demonstrate and recognize active and passive writing.
Develop sound and robust research techniques.
Use plot diagrams to enhance an outline.
Construct loglines, taglines, and blurbs.

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