Did you miss the memo?

I feel like a bunch of people did miss a memo. πŸ™‚
There will be NO crime writing course via Writers Plot Bookshop unless it is during the week. I cannot walk any more than I already am, in fact, it’s the very last thing I want to do. If you don’t get that then you probably don’t have arthritis in one of your feet. It’s not going to get better, so this will not change. (It will get worse.)
If you want to learn Crime Writing, sign up for my course at CEC in Wellington. It starts in late October.
Another reason I won’t be teaching this course through the shop is that I don’t make enough doing it that way, and to be honest I give away enough of my knowledge and time – and that doesn’t feed kids or pay rent or do anything for me at all.
Yes, that means I get paid properly to deliver the course I designed by CEC.
So, it’s during the week while I am already at the bookshop or it won’t happen.
I think that’s pretty clear.

In other news: I’m away next week and it can’t come fast enough. I’m sick to death of rain, cold, walking, people, life, idiots who have no fucking clue, WALKING (yes, twice), dealing with tyre kickers and people who rubbish Kiwi writers.
I am especially sick of being too tired to write because of everything else going on, it may have escaped you but writers need to write to be writers. I have a novel that should be with my editor by December and I doubt it will be.
I’ve lost my writing time. I’ve lost the will to carve it out of the time I do have because I am too fucking tired.

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