When the phone rings…

We’d just finished dinner and my phone rang. The conversation kinda went like this …Robbie: The yellow note things, they’re a clue that Mac did it, aren’t they?Me: They are a clue.Robbie: Did Mac do it?Me: I’m not telling you who did it but it’s good you think it’s Mac at this point. Let me … Continue reading When the phone rings…

Girls, Girls, Girls

Thank you for that song, Sailor. It’s a catchy little number.It’s ear worm material. I’m not even sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy.There is precious little writing happening this week. I do need to knuckle down and get the ‘first draft’ of the new book completed. Slow going when I’m not actually opening the file … seems the … Continue reading Girls, Girls, Girls

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