Amusing myself

25/09/13: Amusing myself

Yesterday was an odd day. No, not elaborating. Just go with it. Today is less odd, that’s a good thing.

This morning I thought I’d go check Word and see what I wrote (if anything – because I thought I had, but there was a high probability that I’d thought it not written it – told you it was an odd day) turns out I did write. Quite a lot really. The new book is coming along nicely. Lot of death though, it’s a high body count book – which is interesting, but probably only to me.

I also wrote something else. I remembered about the synergy that Ellie lost in databyte and where there was another bottle. And because I changed a few scenes there was the opportunity for Lee to retrieve the bottle for her. He never found it. Ellie finds it herself later on and then realizes something. That something made me laugh. A lot. I thought about deleting it. Then I thought it could stay. Why? Because it makes me laugh. Because it shows a very different side to Ellie.

But mostly because it made me laugh. 🙂

And when it comes down to it – writing is a selfish thing. Primarily I write for me. If I’m not entertained you’ll never see that particular body of work.

Yes, that’s why the kiwi novel is still sitting here staring at me.

It doesn’t entertain me as much as it should – parts of it do – but not enough.

Also – there is currently a competition on Facebook – thought about not mentioning it here because it’s only running until the night of the 26/09/13. So, not a long competition. But it is a fun one. And it’s dead easy. 🙂

So if you’re of a mind … pop over and list what you think Ellie has in her bedside drawer.

Meanwhile – little bit headachy. Think I’ll go take Romeo for another walk in the rain. Our jackets should be dry by now.


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