End of 2013

New Years Eve 2013.


I was thinking about re-capping this year but then I thought  fuck that for a joke better of it. Anyway, it’s still New Years eve. It’s pretty much just another day. There’s bubbly in the fridge which will  be there when I get back from Marlborough in 10 days. (I’m hoping I won’t still have the flu then and will be able to drink it!)

Much of the last 5 days have been spent in bed – I’m not a fan of lying about doing nothing – but sometimes you don’t have much choice. Haven’t even done much reading. Couldn’t really.

Thankfully I got my edits done before the germs hit (thank you Leonard Cohen for the flu … yes I am blaming you. The amount of older people coughing near us at the concert was frightening … and yes, Superman got sick too.) . I’ll send the file to my editor at Rebel tonight. Am hoping the changes make sense.

Yesterday I thought I’d written a new beginning for eraserbyte. Yeah nah, I haven’t. It’s still in my head. I did however learn how to format a manuscript for kindle (because everyone should know that?) … or at least I think I did? hmmm. Much of the last 5 days is fuzzy and not at all what I think it was.

Moving on. 2013 was a year of extremes. I am glad it’s almost over and I am looking forward to a more stable year for 2014! (Hear that universe? Stop fucking killing people!)

Happy New Year folks.

Take care out there.

Cat xx

From Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain 26/11/13

Know what these images have in common?


Not telling. 🙂

How about if I add this one??

Still nothing?

Think about it …

25/10/13  Stepping way way out of my comfort zone.

So the decision was made by me and Action Man that I should write a novella/short story (30k or thereabouts) from a different POV, still first person and someone from the _byte series, but not Ellie’s POV.

[Insert scream here]

Okay, how hard could it be?

Sam is too blokey for me, need to start with someone I might be able to relate to a little bit.

Lee? Possible, but then, military background thing – what really goes on in his head and do I want to be in there? Maybe not, yet.

Purposefully steering clear of Mitch – because that would be jumping ahead too far for this to be released next year. Mitch doesn’t become a main character until 2015. (eraserbyte) But Mitch would probably be the easiest to write. I was in his head recently. He takes over a fair chunk of eraserbyte, and I enjoyed his head space. It took me awhile to get used to not being in Ellie’s head, but once I got inside Mitch’s skin and I got to know him – it was fun. He’s a great character and not so blokey that it ever felt terribly foreign. Sigh. Can’t be him yet, too soon. Timing. It’s all in the timing.

So, that leaves, Kurt.


Doctor Kurt Henderson. SSA Kurt Henderson.

So the SSA part, the work Kurt, I think I can pull that off. I know a little bit about Kurt (but I know a lot about Mitch … maybe I should’ve gone with Mitch anyway??)

Anyway, 7000 words later, in just two days … there is a story, there is some fun to be had being Kurt … so far it’s all work.

What will happen when he goes home? Sooner or later, he has to go home. Even Kurt cannot work all the time.

I know what his house was like. Thanks to a Christmas story I wrote last Christmas? I know he reads a lot. I also know he has a partner now and a child. He’s going home to a family. That’s different.

*head desk*

What do blokes do at home (behind closed doors)? Do we need to know? Do I want to know? Can I get into his head? What actually happens in there? Who is he as a person? What’s important to him? He’s not like the other two blokes – that much I know. He might more like Mitch is his outlook. (hope so, really hope so)

[Yeah still hearing the screaming in my head.]

(Bloke is such a great word, should be used more. Superman refers to one of his neighbors as ‘The Bloke’ always makes me laugh. He does it because of that ad a few years ago with the little kids. “DIY it’s in our DNA”)

So, today, I’m being Kurt … it’s not easy. I am quite away from my comfort zone. Which I know is a good thing. It’s making me think about scenes differently and view things differently. Fresh eyes?? It’s also giving me some unexpected insight into Ellie. Action Man asked if I was going to explore Kurt’s feelings for Ellie … yeah nah, maybe? It is interesting for me to see her through his eyes but I haven’t really got right in there yet. Little bit of trepidation … Might be a lot easier if Ellie wasn’t in this story so much.

I’ll figure it out. It’s what I do. 😉

11/10/13: Really?

I’ve been away – well, home, actually – down in Mahau Sound. It was great. I love it there. I love hanging out with Superman and just being. I did question my brilliance a time or two – taking Breezy away is a little stressful at times. She’s 7. Gorgeous, intelligent, funny and 7. Say no more. 🙂

Coming back to Wellington is always a bit odd. Nice to be missed though. The weather is shit. Not enjoying that. Have a zillion things to do before the snakebyte party tomorrow night. I can’t remember all of them. Guess I’ll find out what I didn’t do tomorrow night?

It’s Writer’s Plot tomorrow too. (Because nothing says stress like having everything happen on the same day?)

Right now, I’d like a nap. Yes I would. It’s not going to happen but I’d like one.

At the moment I’m working through eraserbyte adding detail, adding scenes, playing, tweaking characters. Fun. I made PAGES of notes over the week I was away. PAGES. This afternoon I worked through 15 pages of notes.

Pretty sure I should be doing other stuff?

Hope you had a good week.

This is what home looks like when walking back up from the beach:



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