How it all began

This is a little known story. I know right? You all thought you knew me. Guess what, you don’t know 14 year old me. (To be fair some of you did and do, and I’m picking only one or two of them know this story.)

Once upon a time there was girl (surprise!), she was in form 2 – which is year 8 now. Her teacher was a long haired guy who played guitar and he was pretty cool. He set a homework assignment – creative writing assignment. The class had to write a story that involved travel and research. (I think? It was a long time ago, gimme a break.)

The girl wrote a story about a cruise ship. Turned out to be the beginning of something ominously called THE BOOK. The girl was me (shock horror!).

The next year, in the first week of college, the girl met another girl in her class – they had something very important in common. An absolute devotion to … The Bay City Rollers. Before long they were both adding chapters to THE BOOK. And having a huge amount of fun doing so. That ‘BOOK’ kept them occupied for more than a few years. Boys and other friends came and went but THE BOOK survived.

The notebooks they wrote in used to be kept in a locked toolbox. I did eventually lose track of them.

And that folks is how it all began … devotion to a pop group sparked fan fiction which in turn developed my utter love and joy of writing. Although I didn’t write again for a really long time (apart from a few odes and a couple of sonnets – yeah, I know, bet you didn’t know that either?).

As I write this, I am listening to a Bay City Roller CD (because somethings just never die). I no longer have my records (and I had them all), but I do still have a box stashed in the shed containing all my scrapbooks, and a love of tartan. Listening to the BCR’s is a fun stroll down memory lane. We’ve all come along way. It’s been a journey and a half and it’s not where near over yet.

And now I write thrillers and kill people. 🙂

Thank you for the music.


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