28/09/13: POV?

That’s today’s Writer’s Plot topic.

Point of View.

The byte series is written in first-person. It’s where I’m comfortable. Not everyone is comfortable being so connected to their writing. For me it works. It’s natural and it’s where my voice is strongest.

To be honest though first person can be a bit of a shit at times. Sometimes it would be nicer to have some distance between me and the action. Feeling everything my main character feels isn’t always a fun thing. On the flip side of that, I’ve found readers are more invested in her life because of the POV.

Some of you know that killerbyte started life as a third person novel – and it was good. Seriously good. (And had a different ending!)

What happened?

Something didn’t feel right.

Can’t really explain it that well. But something was off. My main character had more to say and kept telling me I had the ending wrong. Wrong? Okay. Fine.

Then a friend said, “Try first person. Just try it and see how it feels.” To be honest it took a bit of convincing on his part. I didn’t want to be that close to what was happening. I didn’t want to be in Ellie’s head. (I didn’t yet know she was in my head and not about to leave.)

So, I tried it. It worked. It really worked. I loved it. My voice was so much stronger and clearer.

Within 3 mths I had completely re-written killerbyte as a first person novel. AND it turned out I did have the ending wrong. Go figure?

I don’t solely use first person, except for the byte series.

Every now and then I’ll write a short story in third person. Depends what I’m writing.

But I am most comfortable writing first person.

Being there.

Not looking away even though sometimes I want to.

Watching the story unfold from Ellie’s point of view, only knowing what she knows, seeing the world the way she does. Sometimes that’s a little screwy but it never fails to entertain me.

Let’s face it, if the author isn’t entertained … then the reader won’t be entertained.

Have a good weekend!


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