We are here again …

Hello, my Lovelies,Hope you're all doing well. I've been doing the usual amount of reading (it's a nightly thing with me) and sadly, I've come across some absolute shockers.Let's lead with something good though, shall we? Paul Pilkington and his DCI Paul Cullen Mystery Series. Very much enjoyed them. Yes, I did. And you might … Continue reading We are here again …



I might've been a tad quiet this last week. It wasn't on purpose but things are happening and life is getting busy. As it does. :)Let's recap ... 1. 37 sleeps until My Knight walks through the door!! You have no idea how much we are looking forward to being under the same roof. We've … Continue reading Escape


Yes, it's Tuesday. It's been busy here. No, I've been busy. Not so much the girls. :)Saturday's Crime Writing Session was mostly about characters (also POV and openings), Creating people to populate a novel is a big topic. I fired off quite a few PDF's on Sunday evening, to my students. I felt bad about … Continue reading Tuesday.