Dear Santa

Hi NZ Secret Santa,

You’ve probably gathered from Twitter that I write crime novels (I’m published by an American publisher), drink tequila and wine (not together) but I am partial to putting tequila in my Coronas, love coffee and chocolate, have a greyhound, a cat, guinea pigs, and kids … all the normal things. 🙂

So I was thinking … what is it you need to know?

I am allergic to strawberries.

I’m a Bon Jovi fan – Bon Jovi has been my work music for quite a number of years, these days I mix my music up a bit but it’s still predominately Bon Jovi.

I adore notebooks. It’s like an addiction. Okay, it is an addiction. My kids refuse to buy me notebooks for Christmas or my birthday anymore. 😦

And ballpoint pens … (there is no I in pens) I love a good pen. One that writes smoothly and is comfortable to hold.

I have a deep love of fountain pens. They’re just the best thing ever to write with.

I’m a co-director of a unique bookshop for kiwi Independent publishers, authors and discerning readers.

Hope that helped.

Much love,

Cat xx