Oops missed a couple of years … Will try and catch up.
Sept 5th 2020: Hutt City FM and Live Video interview on the Break it Down Show (links when I have them)
April 2018: I’m screwing the order up here because this is super duper cool … Spotlight – we fix your script 
Feb 2018: And another very very cool thing goes right here: Break it Down Show
June 30th 2009: This is my first ever interview with Karen over at Miscellaneous Yammering.
July 6th 2009
: Julia interviewed me over at Mysterious Musings
July 27th: I was delighted to be interviewed by Bobby over at Bookwenches.
October 4th 2009,
interview over at Blazing Trails
October 19th 2009.
I’m over at Bookland Heights for a few days.
November 11th. Terrorbyte interview and blog stop: Sara in Vermont
November 25th. Interview at Weronika’s blog.
JANUARY 1st 2010: Fabulously interviewed by Un:bound.
Jan 27th 2010:
Interviewed over at Writers and Authors.
March 1st, 2010: Interviewed at The Eerie Digest and loving it!!
May 28th, 2010:  Q&A Over at J.E. Taylor’s blog.
September 1st 2010: I was interviewed at Crime Watch as part of the 9mm series.
December 7th 2010: Interview at All kinds of Writing.
Feb 22nd 2011: Interview at Clover Hill Reviews
May 27th 2011: Interview at Indiebee
June 17th 2011: Interviewed by David Kentner : This interview was syndicated and appeared all over the USA.
June 29th 2011:
Article Crime Watch/balancing motherhood and crime writing
Nov 17th 2011: My latest interview – There maybe gnomes and I think we can now declare I have no quirks, and perhaps you’ll find out what radio station I listen to in the morning.
June 27th 2011: Interviewed over at Kiwi Writers. 
March 1, 2012: SSA Ellie Conway interviewed by The Big thrill.
April 2nd, 2012: SORMAG’s blog – quite a long interview… make a coffee first! 🙂
April 18, 2012: JET- Fueled Fiction: An Interview with SSA Conway and SSA Doctor Henderson
May 17th 2012: Melissa’s Imaginarium
 May 31st 2012: It’s not all gravy
May 1st 2013: The Big Thrill  – soundbyte 🙂
Aug 1st 2103:
Inside the author’s head The eloquent page.
Author interview
October 12 2013:
November 15 2013: V. Mark Covington blog
April 28 2014:
 A little history lesson and no bikini over at Dusty Skull.
June 1 2014: Article about me in The Big Thrill  (By John Darrin)
June 28th 2014:  Live interview on Hutt Radio from the middle of Cook Strait … I really am everywhere! 🙂
July 5th: Article in Crime Watch: Cat Connor in the news
August 6th 2014: Interview at Writers and Authors
 August 16th 2014:
 Article over on Crime Watch
 November 4th 2014: Interview at Romance ramble and Book Babble
December 23rd 2014: Featured author article
May 1st: The Big Thrill (yes, that’s right people, it’s all about me and ERASERBYTE)
August 31, 2015:
Lovely article on the New Zealand Book Council Website …
Sept 30, 2015: Now this is all the cool: Crime Watch
Also in The Leader today (Sept 30)
Think I got a bit behind here! So starting fresh it’s 2017:
Interview up on List of NZ Authors. 🙂 Thank you Nix.


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