If you hopped into this page then I imagine you’re after paperbacks?

All the Byte Series paperbacks sold via Writers Plot Bookshop or from me directly are signed on request.

This page is mainly for US, UK, and Canadian readers. Aussies can buy from Writers Plot Bookshop.

Cost per Byte Series novel: All the novels are NZD$32.00 which is USD$20.07 or UK Pounds 16.59 or CAD$26.70.

Postage Airmail to the USA: USD$16.30 for 1 book, USD$21.95 for 2 books.

Postage Airmail to the UK: Pounds 12.40 for 1 book, Pounds 18.15 for 2 books.

Postage Airmail to Canada: CAD$19.95 for 1 book, CAD$29.18 for 2 books.

If you are interested in purchasing signed paperbacks email me with “Paperback” as the subject and make sure the email contains the title of the book (I know, right?), contact information, and your postal address. I’ll reply with my Paypal info. You pay the required amount including postage and I’ll send the book right over.

If you live in the USA and want a copy of [insert title here] it will cost you USD$36.37, all up.

Now the latest paperback news: Books 1-10 are now available on Amazon (worldwide).

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