Play lists

You all know (or should do by now) how important music is to my writing process. So much so that every byte short story is named after a song and every chapter of every byte novel is a song. So, with that in mind … here are the playlists

killerbyte playlist 2010

And because Mike and Cyndi from Writer’s Plot are fucking super awesome they’ve created the playlist on Spotify now you can listen to what I was listening to as I wrote killerbyte. 🙂

Terrorbyte playlist



soundbyte playlist

playlist databyte

eraserbyte playlist

Psychobyte playlist 

Metabyte playlist

Qubyte Playlist (coming soon)

If there is any doubt as to which version of the song I was listening to … go with the oldest or Bon Jovi. 🙂

Also, if you spot the odd thing about the Metabyte playlist drop me a line via the contact form or hit me up on Twitter and I’ll flick you a copy of Metabyte (ePub or kindle) or Dead Flowers (ePub only).

And here we have a couple of Quizzes.

Which byte character are you?

How well do you know Ellie Conway?


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