Byte Shorts

Every now and then I write a shortish byte story – they usually bridge a gap between novels, provide backstory that answers questions for readers, and sometimes simply fill the desire for more of a particular character. 

If I were a carpenter- SSA Kurt Henderson 


Delta A is a unique FBI investigation team (from the _byte series) comprising of SSA Ellie Conway,
SSA Kurt Henderson, SA Lee Davenport, and SA Sam Jackson.

Because the team are only ever seen through Ellie’s eyes,
we thought it would be fun to let each member of Delta A share a story of their own.  handsome-916499_1920

‘If I were a carpenter’ is a story told from Kurt Henderson’s point of view.

When Kurt finds himself in charge of two Delta teams, he discovers he’s staring down the barrel of impending chaos with a team that needs some serious training, and a serial killer with a fascination for derelict crumbling houses.

A fresh crime scene in a dilapidated house on the west coast splits Delta A in two, as they scramble to figure out how a killer could be operating concurrently on both the east and west coast.

And the latest short from Delta A is:

Dead FLowers: SSA Sam Jackson’s story

SSA Sam Jackson didn’t expect a late night call from his partner to land him in a bar with a pretty assassin and an old acquaintance for Delta A’s. Why the pair were in D.C was a mystery worthy of Delta’s attention, but that mystery was quickly overshadowed by a dead woman in an alleyway. Or was it?

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.39.41 AM


The latest from 9mm Press:

Undivided: Who knew D&D could be fatal?


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