Tales for Canterbury – an anthology created by Cassie Hart and Anna Caro to raise money for victims of the Christchurch earthquakes.

Biohazard 2012 – an anthology from Beanpod Press of pathogen inspired apocalyptic stories from both previously published and new authors.

Tale of the Nun & Dragon – a beautiful anthology of stories from Fox Spirit – tied together by common elements… Nuns and/or dragons.

First Love – An anthology from Bewanpods Press: Nine amazing authors present eight non-fictions and one fiction. Truly inspiring!
The theme and title of this anthology owe their existence to nineteenth-century Russian author Ivan Turgenev’s eponymous novella.

Tales of the Fox & Fae – an anthology from Fox Spirit. You’ve enjoyed a drink at the bar of the Nun & Dragon and shared tales of heroism and horror. Now it’s time to talk of the Fox and Fae. (Dec 30 2013)

Girl at the End of the World – an anthology in two volumes from Fox Spirit. (March 2014)

Forty one stories over two volumes covering personal apocalypse, pre, during and post apocalypse in a range of genres and a wide variety of interpretations and moods.These books will be released with two sets of covers.

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