Biohazard 2012

Biohazard 2012 ( BeanPods Press)

A deadly virus reaches the North American continent in November of 2012. Modern aircraft enable travel from any major city, USA to Africa or the Pacific Rim, a trip that once required months, in only 15 hours. Given the sheer volume of traffic and connections from these airports alone, a pathogen brought in from abroad could infect most major American cities in a matter of days, or hours, given that its incubation period is 4 days; identical to that of the Ebola virus. By December, nine out of ten Americans will be dead. Within Biohazard 2012, numerous authors reveal what transpires in their last few weeks, days, or hours during such devastation.

Contributing authors: 

Liam Jackson  , Talon Overland,  Dawn Scovill,  Joe Johnson,  Daisy White,  Cindy Brady,  Kirby Sanders,  Jefferson Behan,  Cat Connor  (yeah that’s me, lol)


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