Hi, I’m Cat …

It occurred to me sometime during yesterday (I was possibly walking Romeo at the time) that the landing page here tells you nothing. To be honest, I kinda like that. But some of you want chatter?

So this is me …

Hi, I’m Cat.

I’m a writer. Mostly I write thrillers, mostly, but not always.

Thriller writing wasn’t a choice, it’s just the warped way my mind works. Easier to go with it than fight it.

A LOT of time is spent at my desk writing but I’m rarely still.

Romeo hangs out with me during the day … he’s our rescue Greyhound. He’s silent – I appreciate that. I am not silent.

If I’m working, music is playing – at varying volumes. Bon Jovi is my usual work music.

If I’m not working, music is playing – at varying volumes … but often it’s the radio.

There is a case of body parts under my bed and it freaks me out. I feel like I should explain that?

Some days my social filter doesn’t quite kick in at all, if I think it, I’m liable to say it … don’t say you weren’t warned.

Any questions?

Oh there was one?

I’m published by Rebel ePublishers, USA.

Happy now?

Oh, hang on, while you’re hanging around – there’s a Which Byte Character are you quiz. I dare you! 🙂

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