3. [Leave a message]

The third Veronica Tracey Spy/PI novel.
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Ronnie Tracey’s world is turned upside down when a missing intelligence officer contacts her, triggering a nail-biting chain of events in Cat Connor’s Spy/PI thriller “Leave a Message.”

In Upper Hutt, New Zealand, a smallish city in the Wellington Region, there is a private investigation agency called, Wherefore Art Thou, with a reputation for excellence. 
The agency is run by Veronica (Ronnie) Tracey and her two best friends: Steph and Jenn. 
Domestic cases keep their lights on and door open, but the extracurricular activities Ronnie performs for various intelligence agencies makes sure they have all the latest tech, and a healthy bank balance. 

Former intelligence officer, Ronnie Tracey, specialises in finding people.
Australian intelligence officer, Dave (Crockett) Crocker, is skilled at making problems disappear. 
American intelligence officer, and actor, Ben Reynolds’ strength, is in gathering intelligence.
All three are drawn into a potential crisis by a single-word message. 
The message takes them off the grid and drops them into a situation involving a missing New Zealand Army intelligence officer, and the sudden death of Crockett’s boss. The circumstances surrounding the missing officer, and the death, tests their collective expertise and propels them down a treacherous path that no one would expect to navigate on New Zealand soil. 
Meanwhile, Ronnie’s Nana, and the Cronies of Doom, have plans of their own and the potential for overlap and disaster is high.

Download here: [Leave a message] released on June 1st, 2022.
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