Both versions are now available via these universal links:
Vaporbyte Red and Vaporbyte Purple
Even though I’ve been extremely vocal about there being TWO versions of Vaporbyte, some people just don’t get it. THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS. Red and Purple. Pick your poison.

A botched kidnapping leads the FBI’s Delta A and SAC Ellie Iverson down a dark scientific path. Littered with intrigue, assassinations, mysterious foreigners, and sketchy connections, all culminating in a life-shattering international operation.

On SAC Ellie Iverson’s plate: birthday prep for her twins; an attempted abduction; pressure from her husband to retire from the FBI; a missing accountant, and an American company with a nefarious off-shore agenda that could devastate the world.
Within hours of trying to contact a whistle-blower, she discovers a murdered British scientist and is in the crosshairs of an assassin. A confidential informant from the scientific community reaches out and twists the emerging situation in a worrisome way.
Ellie hauls together a partial plan but in a world littered with intrigue, contract killers, in-fighting intelligence agencies, and suspect connections, can they work together to prevent catastrophe?

“Cat Connor’s Vaporbyte is the best of the series thus far. She mixes intrigue, danger and pandemics into a thriller that is a razor’s edge from reality. It’s Cat’s finest moment as a writer.” – Pete A Turner: Creator of Podcasts, Exec Producer, @BreakItDownShow , Former Spy.

“Part thriller, part mystery, Vaporbyte asks ‘What happens if pandemics like Covid-19 are just the beginning?’ I was drawn into the story right away, and eagerly followed along as FBI Special Agent in Charge Ellie Iverson and her team race to stop a deadly worldwide threat. Cat Connor combines wit, suspense, human characters, and a frighteningly realistic scenario into a story that made me wonder if any of us is ready for what could happen …” – Margot Kinberg, author of the Joel Williams mysteries and the Patricia Stanley mysteries. 

“Non-stop action in the 12th BYTE thriller starring Ellie Iverson super FBI agent and her team as they battle to stop a genetically enhanced pathogen being released just as the world is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaporbyte takes the reader from Washington D.C. to New Zealand with an explosive climax.” -Nick Spill, The Jaded Spy

“Cat Connor’s latest Byte novel, “Vaporbyte”, takes her exquisite storytelling craft to a whole new level and onto the international stage, with a riveting quest to protect the world from a formidable contagion. Timely and breathtaking!”  – Lisa Towles, Award-winning crime novelist and author of The Unseen and Choke

Release date: Sept 10 2020