“Readers who like fast-paced, twisty, clever crime fiction will love Cat Connor’s newest FBI thriller METABYTE. I raced through the story at cyber-speed, and when I finished, I knew two things: Special Agent Ellie Iverson is way smarter than me, and she makes connections I can’t. For the people she’s charged with protecting, those are very good things.” — Karen Dionne, author THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER

The Byte Queen is back! Cat Connor’s Special Agent Ellie Conway now Iverson is marvellously modernist navigating killers, bodies, abductions, new relationships and family dramas like internet stalking and more while working at being a writer. Crackling characters, story, and prose abound in this great read. Brian Stoddart, author of Superintendent Le Fanu Historical Crime Series.

Fast paced FBI thriller that keeps you guessing, SSA Ellie Iverson is the leader of a special unit that investigates serial killers but she is stretched to her limit in this, her 9th adventure. Cat Connor combines realistic dialogue, a tech savvy narrative and a plot with more twists than the Potomac River, and believable characters that leads to an unpredictable and entertaining finale. -Nick Spill, author of The Jaded Kiwi

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