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The physical launch will be Dec 8th at Upper Hutt Library. Details to follow nearer to the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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METABYTE (9th Byte Novel)

“Readers who like fast-paced, twisty, clever crime fiction will love Cat Connor’s newest FBI thriller METABYTE. I raced through the story at cyber-speed, and when I finished, I knew two things: Special Agent Ellie Iverson is way smarter than me, and she makes connections I can’t. For the people she’s charged with protecting, those are very good things.” — Karen Dionne, author THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER

The Byte Queen is back! Cat Connorโ€™s Special Agent Ellie Conway now Iverson is marvellously modernist navigating killers, bodies, abductions, new relationships and family dramas like internet stalking and more while working at being a writer. Crackling characters, story, and prose abound in this great read.
-Brian Stoddart, author of Superintendent Le Fanu Historical Crime SeriesMetabyte

Fast paced FBI thriller that keeps you guessing, SSA Ellie Iverson is the leader of a special unit that investigates serial killers but she is stretched to her limit in this, her 9th adventure. Cat Connor combines realistic dialogue, a tech savvy narrative and a plot with more twists than the Potomac River, and believable characters that leads to an unpredictable and entertaining finale.
-Nick Spill, author of The Jaded Kiwi