Byte Series 1-12

The Byte Series: Follows FBI Special Agent Ellie Conway on her journey as a member of an elite FBI team that functions on dark humor, close relationships, and strong coffee. Each book is a standalone story with the same core characters.

Killerbyte (1): An FBI agent is taunted by a killer who murders her friends and colleagues. Can she stop him before he kills everyone she ever cared for?

Terrorbyte (2): A newly married FBI agent, SA Ellie Conway, investigates a series of horrific homicides that she believes are concealing other heinous crimes.

Exacerbyte (3): A grieving FBI agent, SSA Ellie Conway, attempts to find the child trafficking terrorist behind her husband’s death.

Flashbyte (4): SSA Ellie Conway is the recipient of some unusual mail; meanwhile a terrorist from her past surfaces as she’s trying to find a killer in a hospital, and life gets messy.

 Soundbyte (5): FBI agent, SSA Ellie Conway, investigates the murder of a jeweler and uncovers more than she ever expected, shaking the foundations of at least one federal agency.

Snakebyte (5.1): SSA Conway emerges from a tequila-filled haze to rejoin Delta A. While investigating a strangling case, she uncovers a terrifying situation involving fissile material within D.C.

 Databyte (6): An FBI agent framed for murder must protect an actor and clear her name while on the run. (June 2014)

Eraserbyte (7): As surveillance footage disappears in front of her FBI agent, SSA Ellie Conway, tries to piece together the events and people involved to prevent more terror attacks and deaths in Washington, DC. (April 2015)

Psychobyte (8): Showering will never feel safe again …

Metabyte (9): FBI Agent Ellie Iverson must unravel enigmatic clues and codes from a missing colleague and her abducted brother-in-law to find a killer and stop a trail of fresh corpses from long-dead agents being left in bloodied garages across Northern Virginia.

Qubyte (10) : SSA Ellie Iverson and Delta A are called to Lexington Virginia to investigate an incident that leaves the Director of the FBI fighting for her life. The sudden violent death of a colleague in Washington  DC and another colleague in Russia and the arrival of an old friend from the UK heralds the potential of a nationwide disaster.

Cryptobyte (11): What’s the connection between a dead standup comedian in Afghanistan and a serial killer in the US?

Vaporbyte (12): When SAC Ellie Iverson starts to think it’s time to retire and be a full-time mom to her twin toddlers, someone reaches out in a most unorthodox manner and alerts her to a potential world-wide crisis.


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