Master storyteller Cat Connor and her intrepid Ellie Iverson deliver another relentless nail-biter, packed with clock-ticking action to untangle a bioterrorism plot.
– Lisa Towles, Award-winning crime novelist and author of Choke

Once again the author had me from the get-go with yet another face-paced thriller. If Reacher was a chick, he’d be Ellie Iverson.
Lee Child had better watch his back, Connor is closing in.
Andrene Low Author – Cozy Paranormal Mysteries and Humourous (Humorous) Women’s Fiction

Cat Connor does it again! Qubyte is a fast-paced, tense, funny, and scary thriller. The stakes couldn’t be higher, the danger is real, and the premise is frighteningly possible. With plenty of twists and turns, solid wit, and a plot that’s as current as today’s headlines, Qubyte will make you wonder just how safe any of us really is. 
– Margot Kinberg, Author of the Joel Williams mysteries (and Ruler of the Universe)

Special Agent Ellie Iverson is a beautifully flawed and relatable character with a brash wit that makes you stick around and see how she deals with the overwhelming chaos which unfolds before her. 
Geoffrey D Calhoun, Director of Script Summit, Founder of We Fix Your Script

Qubyte is a seductive and stylish thriller full of acerbic wit. Ellie Conway is a badass heroine for the ages, both whip-smart and deeply human. This compulsively readable adventure will lock you in!
Leah Erickson, award winning author of The Brambles and Blythe of the Gates

Qubyte  (10th Byte):
SSA Ellie Iverson and Delta A are called to Lexington Virginia to investigate an incident that leaves the Director of the FBI fighting for her life. The sudden violent death of a colleague in Washington  DC and another colleague in Russia and the arrival of an old friend from the UK heralds the potential of a nationwide disaster. The question becomes what does the Director of the FBI have to do with two outlaw motorcycle clubs, drugs, and a virus?
Rules to live by: Don’t pet the monkey, don’t kill the Director, don’t drink the water.
Universal buy Link: Qubyte Book ten in the Byte Series.