Into the Great Wide Open

Today is September 25th. It’s the cancelled VAPORBYTE launch day. Tonight there will be tequila. 🙂 Apart from the disappointment of the year (and it really has been back to back disappointment and learning to roll with the punches) … I’m working on two new projects.I know, two. My head is shaking as well.One is … Continue reading Into the Great Wide Open

Soul Shifter

News? Not really. 🙂Vaporbyte launched last Thursday/Friday depending on your place in the world. Vaporbyte Red and Vaporbyte PurpleIf you’ve been following along you know that there are two endings, therefore two versions.Doesn’t matter which one you read and you don’t have to read both.Be nice if you read one. 🙂 🙂 So, launching via … Continue reading Soul Shifter

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