It’s My Life

Today is launch day for [Lure the lie] ... if you've been hiding in the dark and haven't heard about this book, stick around. 🙂 [Lure the lie] is the second kiwi set spy/PI book in what might be a set of three ... well, I'm writing the third now so definitely three, so far. … Continue reading It’s My Life

Bring me some water.

It's Friday.[Lure the lie] launches tomorrow. Worldwide. More importantly, the paperbacks launch here tomorrow. About that ... there were a few hiccups in Auckland and the books left the printer yesterday on Aramex. FFS. I can track them and they're nearly in Wellington ... but it's Aramex and they give zero fucks about hitting their … Continue reading Bring me some water.


I am officially on holiday for the rest of June. And it is glorious. The weather is a bit shite but it's winter so that's expected. My Knight arrived yesterday, after 18 months of being apart (thanks to COVID) we are finally in the same country and house! We have a bit of catching up … Continue reading 1800

Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!

Looking for your next great escape? Thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror, true crime, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance -- all with one common thread: these books will make you scream for more.This FREE app features novels tailored with drama, conflict, suspense, and the fear-inducing action that will keep you gripping your phone and on … Continue reading Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!

Some Are Gone and Some Remain*

This from author Margot Kinberg about the death of characters in a series. Fab read!

Crime Writer Margot Kinberg

It’s a sad fact of real life that people we know and care about move to other places or pass away. It’s always hard when that happens, but it is inevitable. It sometimes happens in crime fiction, too (in case you wondered, crime writers are ruthless that way at times). As sad as it is when a beloved ‘regular’ character passes, it does in a way reflect real life, and that can add a bit of authenticity to a series.

In Elizabeth George’s Thomas ‘Tommy’ Lynley series, readers have gotten to know several of the ‘regular’ characters. Several story arcs develop around these characters, and they are woven through the larger main plots of the novels. Their interactions are often important parts of the focus of the novels, too, and many readers feel they truly know those characters. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that readers were shocked when one of…

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