Forever Tuesday Morning

Kiwi's of a certain age probably recognise the blog title. I was looking for something this morning and I came across a Mockers CD. Reminded me of my youth. I had a fun time in my teen years. Anywho, the CD I found has "Forever Tuesday Morning" on it. And I spotted it immediately. As … Continue reading Forever Tuesday Morning

Writing groups and writing.

A lot of you know New Zealand is currently in lockdown due to the Delta variant of COVID. We have a "go hard, go early" policy. And it's working for us. (This is not a debate forum, so keep your opinion to yourself - especially if you're Scott Morrision or his ilk, or any kind … Continue reading Writing groups and writing.

Things change …

If you've visited my Facebook page or the bookshop's page you'll already know (depending on whether FB allowed you to see the post) that "Inside Quote Marks" event in Sept was cancelled. It's postponed not cancelled but Facebook doesn't allow postponment without a definite date and we're waiting to have the date we want confirmed. … Continue reading Things change …


Kinda how I feel today. Working. Knowing I can write without worrying about random shutdowns. Knowing I can write without having to use a fucking mouse - which 100% kills my stuffed wrist. Having a working trackpad is a pure delight!So this morning, I'm writing. I've written over 2K so far, because it's easy. I … Continue reading Limitless