The best kind of surprise

Yesterday I was at the bookshop, writing, actually re-writing the beginning of a new body of work because I didn't so much like the direction it was going and also, these are new characters (or some are) so, it takes a bit to get to know them. So, anyway, I was at my desk writing … Continue reading The best kind of surprise

Made up holiday, anyone?

To be honest we don't really bother about Valentine's - the whole long distance thing makes it hard enough without adding commercial 'holidays' to the mix. (Bad enough that we weren't together for our birthdays and Christmas last year!) But, we're pretty good at appreciating each other every day. :)I know a lot of you … Continue reading Made up holiday, anyone?

Roll Me Away

Friday. Been a good week. Miss My Knight a lot (what's new?) and it feels like we're due some face-to-face time instead of FaceTime. Writing wise ... heard back from the first 3 Beta readers - they're people who have read the Byte Series and who understand the characters and relationships, and all the inn … Continue reading Roll Me Away