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“Psychobyte is a riveting read that had me hooked from beginning to end. Cat is an expert at suspense and drama and her attention to detail is stunning and her understanding of human nature, scarily empathetic. I’m sure if Cat wasn’t an author she’d be a forensic scientist, or a psychologist.” Sherry Mayes author of Stop The World

 PSYCHOBYTE (8th Byte novel)  

A new psycho-prophetic talent emerges for SSA Ellie Conway when she’s called to investigate a series of deaths. Women murdered in their showers and the cleanest crime scenes she’s ever seen pose some interesting questions as the countdown to a new life begins.


“FBI Special Agent Ellie Conway is up against a very organised serial killer. Someone who stalks young women and slips into their lives, only to stab them to death in their showers – then leave the water running over their bodies and cryptic lines of poetry nearby. Ellie, sassy and irreverent,is an investigator with a difference. As she bends to examine each corpse it talks to her – by gesture, by word, and by vision. She becomes the dead woman for seconds and sees fragments of her murder. And so the unsub is revealed as are other shadowy figures behind the killer. Who is doing this? Why? Is he acting alone? The story hooks you in as more women die, and Ellie races to solve the crimes against the backdrop of an increasingly complicated family life. This is a fast moving page turner and Ellie’s nice line in black humour is an added bonus – my personal favourite: ‘Dating the nearly-dead didn’t seem like a good life choice.’ What do the victims have in common? The answer is completely unexpected and contains another great line of black humour which I can’t reveal without giving away the story. This is my first Cat Connor novel. Now I’m going back to read the whole series.”
Trish McCormack author of Assigned to Murder, Glacier Murder, Cold Hard Murder

“I’ve been a fan of the Byte series since book one, and I’m pleased to report SSA Ellie Conway and Delta team are in top butt-kicking shape. In Psychobyte, Ellie packs an extra punch to bust the perps.”
-J. H. Bogran, author of Firefall.

“FBI Agent Ellie Conway has fought terrorists, rogue agents, assassins, international criminals, you name it, in her wildly dangerous career, so a run-of-the-mill serial killer should be a piece of cake. After all, Conway is intelligent and experienced and gifted with a touch of clairvoyance that lets her see a victim’s last moments. But when young women are being murdered in their showers, even the dead can’t help because this killer is different, with a motivation Ellie cannot fathom.  And that leaves her, on the eve of her wedding, defenseless. In trouble. In danger. And blindsided.”  
D Krauss  
author of Partholon, Tu’an, The Moonlight in Genevieve’s eyes and other tales of horror.

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