Snakebyte  (An in-between SSA Ellie Conway thriller/ byte series)
SSA Conway emerges from a tequila-filled haze to rejoin Delta A. Her first case is to investigate a strangling in Rock Creek Park with bizarre components. This leads to her Delta team mate, SSA Lee Davenport, being shot in the street and a battle to save his life. Lee’s shooting uncovers a terrifying situation involving fissile material brought about by a rogue CIA agent. Ellie also discovers an indiscretion that cannot be overlooked by her current beau, Rowan Grange. During the turmoil that surrounds the case and her life she reconnects with an old friend.
Snakebyte chapter one
Universal link to stores carrying Snakebyte

Snakebyte (5.1) fits between soundbyte and databyte.
If you’ve read Soundbyte you know why Snakebyte is important – Ellie has a lot to deal with, and life needs to get back on track. 🙂



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