Where to buy the books and whatnot

Writers Plot is the best place for Kiwis to purchase Cat’s work in the paperback form – signed on request. Click on the title and it will take you directly to the purchase link for that book. (Some works are available in digital format only or in both digital and paperback.) Killerbyte ,Terrorbyte, Exacerbyte, Flashbyte, Soundbyte, Snakebyte, Databyte, Eraserbyte, 
Psychobyte, Metabyte , Qubyte, Dead Flowers , If I were a carpenter,

And here’s the whatnot … tee shirts, totes, cushions, phone cases! 

For digital versions:
smashwords: Entire Series link
The boxed sets are available from Smashwords (and other ePub distributors like iBookskobo).
As for Amazon … for whatever reason the kindle versions and paperbacks are not linked for most of the books. Annoying. So, here are the individual links for the kindle versions. Killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte, flashbyte, soundbyte, snakebyte, databyte, eraserbyte, psychobyte, metabyte, qubyte, Cryptobyte

Writer’s Plot (bookshop)

2/893 Fergusson Drive
Upper Hutt 5018


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