Where to buy the books and whatnot

Here’s the whatnot … tee shirts, totes, cushions, phone cases! 

Here we have digital Boxed Set universal links (proper universal links to all the places the boxed sets are available) All the boxed sets contain extras:
Byte Series Volume One
Byte Series Volume Two
Byte Series Volume Three
Byte Series Volume Four

The following links will take you to your preferred store (whatever that maybe be, yes it’s witchery):  Killerbyte, Terrorbyte, Exacerbyte, Flashbyte, Soundbyte, Databyte, Eraserbyte, Psychobyte, Metabyte, Qubyte, Cryptobyte. (Easy peasy and totally magical!)
And the final installment —
Vaporbyte (Purple) or Red – Vaporbyte  

New Zealand set, Veronica Tracey Spy/PI:
[Nothing happens here], [Lure the lie], [Leave a message] and coming in 2023: [Whiskey tango foxtrot]
Paperback of Veronica Tracey Spy/PI Vol 1.

Here’s a universal link to the universal links: Cat Connor


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