I am writing. I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals and readers. Hope your day is filled with laughter, love, and turkey.

On the ‘buy the books and whatnot’ page, you can find actual universal links to all the places that sell the Byte Series – digitally and also Amazon has paperbacks for those of you on the other side of the world. You’re welcome. 🙂

Vaporbyte is coming along. I did have almost a month away from writing once we returned from Perth but I’m back into it now. And, oh boy, is Twitter tossing up some good tidbits I can use for all manner of things. It’s pure mascara running joy at the moment.

This week a podcast dropped – yep, Pete had me on his show again but this time I was with my buddy, Steve. And it was a fun time indeed. Go listen and send in a pic of you listening, seriously, Pete wants pics especially of us here in Upper Hutt.

So writing … I needed to know something and messaged my fav goto guy about all things actor related (and spyish), and he came up with a fantastic idea that I ran with, and you’re all going to love it when Vaporbyte hits the stores late 2020. (Or maybe mid-2020, who knows?) I intend to spend this weekend writing because the story is swirling around in my head and if I don’t get the next few chapters out I might just lose my mind.

But wait, there’s more, a fabulous 5-star review of Crytpobyte on Amazon. It blew my mind. Seriously. I am humbled and delighted all at once … I took a screenshot!!

Wanna see? Did you just nod?

Well done, you!)





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