Ellie Conway is an FBI agent who works serial crime cases. In her own time, she runs an internet poetry chat room. When someone tries to kill her, it appears to be linked to her activity in cyberspace.

Matters are complicated when her assailant’s dismembered body turns up the trunk of Ellie’s car. As chat room regulars start dropping like flies, she realizes there is something far deeper going on.
Despite an abundance of crime scenes, no evidence is forthcoming to help identify a motive or perpetrator. The death toll rises and includes FBI colleagues and her mother. Ellie discovers her brother is a suspect. But she thinks it’s someone within the FBI. The discovery of a high school friend’s body and a chance remark from twelve years prior, provide the first real clue, and the Unsub’s twisted goal unravels.

When a poetic psychopath starts hunting and killing patrons in Special Agent Ellie Conway’s chat room, Ellie finds herself embroiled in an invisible killer’s twisted plan and battling to keep her sanity.
First Published by: Rebel e Publishers
eBook ISBN#: 978-0-9814256-2-7
Tree Book ISBN#: 978-0-9814256-9-6
Paperbacks available from Amazon, Book depository etc and Writers Plot Bookshop 
And everywhere in digital form: Universal Link 


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