Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet came on the radio this morning. I'd forgotten how much I love this song. How much I enjoy Dire Straits.It's been a shitty few days, weeks, months, okay the entire year. It's the same for everyone but it doesn't actually help much to know that, does it?Anyway, Vaporbyte launches soon. Sept 10. … Continue reading Romeo and Juliet

Living in a Ghost Town

Hey! I'm back. 🙂 Did ya miss me? (Actually laughing, I suspect no one noticed my absence.)Had a fabulous time down in the Marlborough Sounds with Admin Bex. Was great being there and just being. You know? Down there you can forget about the world, because nothing touches Mahau. You can actually shut the world … Continue reading Living in a Ghost Town

Gutter Black

Topics that are banned in our house and in my vicinity for the foreseeable future: COVID-19; Our borders; Anything related to the National Party; Negativity in all forms. To that end, I am having a news and opinion-piece free weekend. No news. No bullshit opinion pieces from anyone. Here's a news flash for you ... … Continue reading Gutter Black

Miss You

Self-explanatory title/song ... it's been 7 mths since My Knight and I have been in the same physical space and we probably have another 3 to go but we'll get there, once Oz is at the same COVID free status as NZ. And we can travel again without the need for 14 days quarantine at … Continue reading Miss You

Dirty Deeds

Yes, it's a bit unusual for me to blog twice within a few days. But, it happens. Today I started the 2nd Vaporbyte launch cake. It's a process. For this cake I used my Nana's fruitcake recipe, it never fails and fruitcake lovers adore it. It's my goto launch cake recipe. Right now, the kitchen … Continue reading Dirty Deeds