Dark Horse

The last couple of days I've been spending time with Vaporbyte the 12th byte novel. It'll be out at the end of the year. But I'm spending some precious time with it, reading, thinking, checking things before it goes to editing. This book, the 12th book, TWELVE. Holy moly. Who'd have thunk that back in … Continue reading Dark Horse

Stalky McStalkerson

Welcome to Friday and the ridiculous made up holiday that is Feb 14th. Yeah, I'm not a fan. Been a funny old week, hence the blog title. I'm not going to elaborate but I imagine you can all figure it out. Work started properly on the new book. It has no title. It's a tad … Continue reading Stalky McStalkerson

Roll Me Away

Friday. Been a good week. Miss My Knight a lot (what's new?) and it feels like we're due some face-to-face time instead of FaceTime. Writing wise ... heard back from the first 3 Beta readers - they're people who have read the Byte Series and who understand the characters and relationships, and all the inn … Continue reading Roll Me Away