Bad to the Bone

I've been around long enough to know that some people are Bad to the Bone. There is nothing redeeming about them at all. I've written a few characters like that over the years. I'm sure AD Owen liked puppies the way Cruella de Vil liked puppies. (Byte reference for those who don't know who Owen … Continue reading Bad to the Bone

Jan 1st, 2021

Seems like the best title for the day. Not very inventive but let's not put too much pressure on 2021. It's the last day for the Smashwords Sale (I know it ends on Jan 1 but I think it actually ends on the 2nd for us in the Southern Hemisphere). Links for you: Byte Series … Continue reading Jan 1st, 2021

Big Sur?

So, the updates arrived for my MacBook the other day. Bit a pain in the arse as they needed 16 gig more than I had available ... cue much annoyance and deleting of four years worth of emails and whatnot. Who knew I hoarded emails? Me, I knew. Anyway, I hit the install button again … Continue reading Big Sur?

Gutter Black

Topics that are banned in our house and in my vicinity for the foreseeable future: COVID-19; Our borders; Anything related to the National Party; Negativity in all forms. To that end, I am having a news and opinion-piece free weekend. No news. No bullshit opinion pieces from anyone. Here's a news flash for you ... … Continue reading Gutter Black

Miss You

Self-explanatory title/song ... it's been 7 mths since My Knight and I have been in the same physical space and we probably have another 3 to go but we'll get there, once Oz is at the same COVID free status as NZ. And we can travel again without the need for 14 days quarantine at … Continue reading Miss You