Stalky McStalkerson

Welcome to Friday and the ridiculous made up holiday that is Feb 14th. Yeah, I'm not a fan. Been a funny old week, hence the blog title. I'm not going to elaborate but I imagine you can all figure it out. Work started properly on the new book. It has no title. It's a tad … Continue reading Stalky McStalkerson

The best kind of surprise

Yesterday I was at the bookshop, writing, actually re-writing the beginning of a new body of work because I didn't so much like the direction it was going and also, these are new characters (or some are) so, it takes a bit to get to know them. So, anyway, I was at my desk writing … Continue reading The best kind of surprise

Roll Me Away

Friday. Been a good week. Miss My Knight a lot (what's new?) and it feels like we're due some face-to-face time instead of FaceTime. Writing wise ... heard back from the first 3 Beta readers - they're people who have read the Byte Series and who understand the characters and relationships, and all the inn … Continue reading Roll Me Away