Where am I today?

Over on the Break it Down Show with Pete A Turner! YouTube Link below. You can’t miss it.
I love talking with Pete, he’s a good mate and he gets how nuts the creative process is (for me). Also, he does amazing work and you should all support this podcasts and Save The Brave. Please. 🙂
Since recording this in December I am delighted to say that Vaporbyte is DONE! It’s on track for a Nov/Dec 2020 release.
Carry on:
I pinched this description straight from the Break it Down Show on Facebook …
Cat Connor – Byte Series Author Cat Connor Delivers, Vaporbyte – Cat Connor is the author of the Byte crime thriller series. Her novels follow a serial crimes investigative team lead by Senior Special Agent Ellie Conway. Cat and Pete A Turner discuss Cat’s latest in the series, Vaporbyte. 

As Cat has progressed through the series, her characters have become a central part of her life; often demanding as much time as her children.

She’s also co-Director and co-founder of ‘Writers Plot bookshop’: The only bookshop in the world that only stocks Kiwi authors. If you’ve a mind to travel to New Zealand, Cat’s hometown, Upper Hutt, and her book shop are fantastic destinations.

Get Her Books Here and Give them a rating.

Writer of thrillers
The Byte Series is her thing
Plus she’s crazy
Cat Connor Pete A Turner Save The Brave Jon Leon Guerrero Echo in Ramadi #author#breakitdownshow #podcast #FBI

For those who are just starting out on the Byte Series … welcome aboard, settle back, and just go with it. 🙂


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