Roll Me Away

Friday. Been a good week.
Miss My Knight a lot (what’s new?) and it feels like we’re due some face-to-face time instead of FaceTime.
Writing wise … heard back from the first 3 Beta readers – they’re people who have read the Byte Series and who understand the characters and relationships, and all the inn and outs thereof. Was encouraging, few tweaks here and there but over all, really good.
Now Vaporbyte is with 3 people who’d never read the series or me. Got the first lot of feedback in yesterday, and it was awesome. One issue and a few acronyms and relationships that weren’t understood immediately. Easy sorted and done. The actual story – all good and topical. In fact it couldn’t actually get much closer to how the shit is falling, out in the world today. Not bad going considering it was underway and finished before 2019-nCoV became a thing.
Good stuff. Promising even.
Hopefully it’ll be well received when it finally launches at the end of the year.

I’m making a start on the next project, and enjoying it very much. Might even sit down and plan this … or not! Let’s not get overly excited.
I’m giving planning serious thought. I’d like to be able to do that this time. Mostly because this is not a Byte Series project, this is different, and fun (because it’s new but that does not mean that writing the Byte Series is less fun, it was not, it is fantastic).
Popping a link in here for Qubyte (speaking of topical stories).
The photo below … Patrick the rescue kitten is trying very hard to find something good about silverbeet because his furry pal Bucky seems to really like it.

Patrick and Bucky Barnes.

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