Attached to tech?

I am. I have no problem admitting it. Tech is my lifeline. It's how I communicate with my partner every day. It's the only way we survived 18 months apart, and now, we're back to FaceTime and texts because that 5000km (and change) distance requires tech.It's no secret that I love my MacBook. I really … Continue reading Attached to tech?

It’s the weekend and whatnot

Just for fun, let's imagine I'm not drinking? Yeah, didn't work did it? 🙂 🙂 Surprise ... It's Sunday night I fucking earned this Cab Sav. How, you say? By finishing THE FINAL byte short so I can get this last boxed set sorted. OMG. I know, right? Also, I'm doing something else with it … Continue reading It’s the weekend and whatnot