Eye Of The Tiger

Cannot listen to this song without seeing Jensen Ackles (the Yellow Fever episode) - not a bad thing at all. Anyway, that was the song that greeted me when I turned the radio on this morning. Nice song to start a Monday. :)I did absolutely no writing this weekend - hardly even wrote a text … Continue reading Eye Of The Tiger

Friends in low places

Thank you Garth Brooks for the fantastic song/blog title. Some of you know that I've been struggling for quite sometime with this new book. It's opening 10k has been re-written four times now because I couldn't find my voice and didn't feel comfortable with the POV. Turns out, it's hard leaving my comfort zone and … Continue reading Friends in low places

Roll Me Away

Friday. Been a good week. Miss My Knight a lot (what's new?) and it feels like we're due some face-to-face time instead of FaceTime. Writing wise ... heard back from the first 3 Beta readers - they're people who have read the Byte Series and who understand the characters and relationships, and all the inn … Continue reading Roll Me Away