(You Want To) Make A Memory

Bear with, the title of this blog is a Bon Jovi song from the Lost Highway album. Pretty sure a few of you knew that. 🙂 Why did I choose it for today's blog? Because I was thinking about the music in the Byte Series. Music reminds me of writing the books and of the … Continue reading (You Want To) Make A Memory

Drowning in the deep.

Twitter has been interesting the last few days. My former editor from the now-defunct Rebel ePublishers was tweeting a few of us. Our relationship goes way back to 2009. Jayne Southern is the best editor, she's truly fantastic. She made us all so much better. Her sense of humour and care kept me going more … Continue reading Drowning in the deep.


I might've been a tad quiet this last week. It wasn't on purpose but things are happening and life is getting busy. As it does. :)Let's recap ... 1. 37 sleeps until My Knight walks through the door!! You have no idea how much we are looking forward to being under the same roof. We've … Continue reading Escape