I found some old words: part 2

It's Just Me: page two: Why did it feel like I was on the set of a horror movie? Darkness reached for me. The air cold and damp. I stepped closer to the light within. The signal died, or jumped, or maybe the fuckers were turning the tower off? Paranoid? Fuck it. I stepped through … Continue reading I found some old words: part 2


Save the date!

Guys, we have an official launch party date. August 4th at the Central Library in Upper Hutt. It'll be a 6PM kick-off, probably. Exciting right?I haven't done a physical launch for this series at all, so, I'm excited. I will have all four of the Veronica Tracey Spy/PI books available on the night (Gods willing). … Continue reading Save the date!

What if?

What if William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe had a chat about my work? Guess what you can do with ChatGPT? Oh yeah I did. This is the conversation that ChatGPT spat out. (And I gotta say, this AI thing is fun to play with!) William Shakespeare: Good day, Mr Poe. I couldn't help but … Continue reading What if?