Sometimes When We Touch

If you're wondering why I chose this Dan Hill song as my blog title ... I've always loved it. Lucky you! It's two sleeps until My Knight walks through the door. :)Yesterday I had to battle Amazon just to get author copies of [Leave a message] delivered to NZ from Oz. Today I received … Continue reading Sometimes When We Touch

Right first time.

Every time I go to write 'Good morning' my brain says "Good morning mothertruckers."It is a battle to type a simple good morning. Oddly, a few years back it was always 'Good morning Vietnam' that my brain liked to chuck out there. Anywho, how is everyone?Do you know what I completely missed due to sheer … Continue reading Right first time.

Hello Again.

I few things from over the weekend. Two of them caused much frustration, I have pictures, so stick around.The other thing this weekend was the creation of the byte Series boxed set Volume four! It's available for preorder now and launches on October 31st. Let's get into this then shall we? In 2014 (yep, we're … Continue reading Hello Again.