If you could ask me a question …

I think the title is self-explanatory but I guess it isn't for everyone. :)If you could ask me a question about writing or my work, what would it be? What do you really want to know? Is there anything? If there is, jump into the comments section and ask. I will answer to the best … Continue reading If you could ask me a question …


Save the date!

Guys, we have an official launch party date. August 4th at the Central Library in Upper Hutt. It'll be a 6PM kick-off, probably. Exciting right?I haven't done a physical launch for this series at all, so, I'm excited. I will have all four of the Veronica Tracey Spy/PI books available on the night (Gods willing). … Continue reading Save the date!


The title might stick, it's currently: why? Because why not? Yesterday was a fun day. My brain behaved, always good when that happens. Something to consider in an LEO setting ... intuition, experience, and training. Keep that in mind, for a second or two. Ellie Conway is the main character of my Byte Series. She … Continue reading Why?