Meet Virginia

There was a blog post forming when I woke up ... but then it slipped away. Probably a good thing.Anyway, next weekend my class is all about POV, characters, and dialogue. Hence the title of this blog. It's a Train song that describes a woman, called Virginia. We learn a lot about her from the … Continue reading Meet Virginia

Hello, to you!

Yes, I know, an uninspired blog title. I haven't slept since Thursday night - you get what you get. :)A lot happened this week. Here we go:1. Yes, I am writing another Kiwi book. This one is called [Leave a Message] and it's another fun time with Ronnie, Crockett, and the Cronies of Doom.2. I … Continue reading Hello, to you!


It's officially launch month for VAPORBYTE.And here's the feature over at The Big Thrill.Exciting stuff!We launch the eBooks next week, still no word on print copies, but I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. So, if you're waiting for print, you will be waiting for a while. A word about the Virtual Launch … Continue reading ITW