Stick To Your Guns

So you wanna be a writer?Are you nuts? Seriously, don't do it, not unless you are so driven that you can see it through. Are you prepared for what it takes to write an entire novel? Yeah, I know, everyone wants to write a book. Thing is, mostly, people want to have written a book. … Continue reading Stick To Your Guns

Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1

Here we go New Zealand, our Level Four lockdown is underway, we got this. We are a team of 5 million. Let's not forget that. Stay home, stay safe, be kind. We do not want to follow the Aussie example! Meanwhile, the bookshop is obviously closed. We can't sell online either until Level Four eases. … Continue reading Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1


Kinda how I feel today. Working. Knowing I can write without worrying about random shutdowns. Knowing I can write without having to use a fucking mouse - which 100% kills my stuffed wrist. Having a working trackpad is a pure delight!So this morning, I'm writing. I've written over 2K so far, because it's easy. I … Continue reading Limitless