How’s your weekend?

I'm currently listening to a 70's playlist on Spotify and drinking a Corona - with lemon because I'm out of limes. I've worked out what we're having for dinner. I fancied fish pie but Doris doesn't like it. Gosh, there's a surprise! 🙂 So we're having stuffed potatoes.Think about this ... I stuff potatoes with … Continue reading How’s your weekend?

Mid Winter Secret Santa

So, this happened:Yesterday I got a request via an elf. I needed to create a playlist from a list of songs given to me. Okay then. I did that. I was also told there are further instructions coming and that a special courier would deliver me a parcel last night. Intriguing!At about 7:30PM I grabbed … Continue reading Mid Winter Secret Santa

Launch Day!

[Leave a Message] launches today. Amid a fanfare of absolutely bloody nothing. I'm not even at home so it's the quietest launch day ever. Anywho, today is June 1st and [Leave a message] joins its older sisters on the shelf at Writers Plot Bookshop. It's not live as a digital version yet because the rest … Continue reading Launch Day!

Hot Stuff

Yes, I'm listening to "Black and Blue", it's one of my favourite Stones albums. The last few days haven't been much fun. Somehow I contracted COVID. Don't know how or when. FYI, you don't want this. Even triple vaxxed, you don't want this. Had an email today from someone who has been asked to interview … Continue reading Hot Stuff

I Am.

I am ... procrastinating.I am ... wishing I could write faster.I am ... listening to 'Have A Nice Day'I am ... 100% procrastinating.I am ... really wanting [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to move faster.I am ... almost ready to load the final files for [Leave a message].I am ... wondering what is wrong with men that … Continue reading I Am.