For The Good Times.

I'm sitting in my bed surrounded by notebooks and pens (mine, of course). The open page of the notebook I'm using for [Leave a message] says: Beef Crockett up, it's time he earned his legend status.I'm not sure how he's going to prove himself to Ronnie yet, but, seems like he's going to at least … Continue reading For The Good Times.

In My Secret Life

Thanks to Leonard Cohen for the blog title (yes, there will be a link down below to this track). It's probably no secret to anyone here that I grew up with Leonard Cohen loving parents. So, I'm a wee bit familiar with his music and poems. Anywho, moving right along. The reason I chose 'In … Continue reading In My Secret Life


Today, I was writing (imagine?). It's pretty fun, not gonna lie. Really enjoying Lure the Lie and getting inside Crockett and Ronnie's heads. It really is fascinating finding out what makes these two tick. My characters needed to secure something today. Something small but in the wrong hands it would get people killed. The more … Continue reading Walls