More than a feeling

It's Sunday night. It's been an okay weekend. Bit of writing, bit of movie watching with Kid6, some housework ... and the knowledge that next weekend My Knight will be home. Hard to be unhappy with so much joy on the immediate horizon. Not that I tend to unhappiness anyway: I'm generally a happy person. … Continue reading More than a feeling

The Dance I spent quite a bit of time tonight adding songs to the "Books with Byte" event playlist on Spotify. And then, I started listening to "The Eclectic Redneck" playlist. It was originally a CD called The Eclectic R Word ... but if you say that now young folk think you mean a particular slur. … Continue reading The Dance

Dream Weaver

Kia ora,The week has begun. Well, it’s Sunday, so technically it’s the beginning of the week. So far, it’s all right, nothing to write home about. To be honest, it could try harder. My Knight is recovering from his hip replacement in Perth and I’m here in New Zealand. That is not the ideal situation. Thanks for … Continue reading Dream Weaver