Heavy like the Rain

^^^ That's Kevin Costner and Modern West's new song. I do like it! But then, I'm a bit of a Modern West fan, so there was a good chance I would.It's Wednesday. The week is rocking along rather quickly as always. Words are mounting up in Lure the Lie. I'm really getting into this story. … Continue reading Heavy like the Rain

Do What You Can

Thanks for the blog title, Bon Jovi. :)And the week begins. It started well with a coffee and meeting someone new at the bookshop. Last week was old soldiers, today, a considerably younger random coffee purchaser. 🙂 Good people are still out there.This morning was sales email morning so once that job was complete I … Continue reading Do What You Can

Dream Weaver

Kia ora,The week has begun. Well, it’s Sunday, so technically it’s the beginning of the week. So far, it’s all right, nothing to write home about. To be honest, it could try harder. My Knight is recovering from his hip replacement in Perth and I’m here in New Zealand. That is not the ideal situation. Thanks for … Continue reading Dream Weaver