Pirates are arseholes, end of story.

Clear enough? If a story has my name on it, then I wrote it, and the copyright belongs to me. No question. And I should be paid for that work.Downloading a story for free is theft.(Unless you got a code from the author or publisher or the story is offered free via a reputable seller. … Continue reading Pirates are arseholes, end of story.

Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1

Here we go New Zealand, our Level Four lockdown is underway, we got this. We are a team of 5 million. Let's not forget that. Stay home, stay safe, be kind. We do not want to follow the Aussie example! Meanwhile, the bookshop is obviously closed. We can't sell online either until Level Four eases. … Continue reading Neon Sunrise/Level 4: day 1