Hello, to you!

Yes, I know, an uninspired blog title. I haven't slept since Thursday night - you get what you get. :)A lot happened this week. Here we go:1. Yes, I am writing another Kiwi book. This one is called [Leave a Message] and it's another fun time with Ronnie, Crockett, and the Cronies of Doom.2. I … Continue reading Hello, to you!

Blindspot cross-over

Howdy. I've been binge watching Blindspot on Neon. I knew I'd love it. It's 100% up my alley. What I didn't realise was how much would be familiar to me, tech and also story wise. Clearly the writers had some serious fun with this series. Anyway, I was watching the other day and someone said … Continue reading Blindspot cross-over