Is it rocket science?

This weekend has been FRUSTRATING as hell. It's not a new reason. It's the same old Amazon reason that I've had for at least two years. Thing is ... in April when they declared the couldn't deliver to my address I managed to get someone in chat who knew what was going on and who … Continue reading Is it rocket science?


What if?

What if William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe had a chat about my work? Guess what you can do with ChatGPT? Oh yeah I did. This is the conversation that ChatGPT spat out. (And I gotta say, this AI thing is fun to play with!) William Shakespeare: Good day, Mr Poe. I couldn't help but … Continue reading What if?

Faraway Eyes

Another day has rolled around. Probably a good thing that they keep doing that. 🙂 This morning I tweaked a scene in [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] because I have time before my lovely editor gets into the book. So I added something that was needed and sent off an updated version. I've started on [Foxtrot Mike … Continue reading Faraway Eyes


The title might stick, it's currently: why? Because why not? Yesterday was a fun day. My brain behaved, always good when that happens. Something to consider in an LEO setting ... intuition, experience, and training. Keep that in mind, for a second or two. Ellie Conway is the main character of my Byte Series. She … Continue reading Why?