The joy of writing …

It is a joy. I'm thoroughly enjoying Ronnie, Ben, and Crockett and the new WIP [Leave a message] - which you can expect to see next year. Not putting a date on that yet, but next year. 🙂 Already had a few people come into the bookshop asking for it. Not yet, folks! Yes, I … Continue reading The joy of writing …

Everything is furry.

It is. The whole house is furry. Not a piece of un-furry anything to be found. And it's marvellous. 🙂 The reason everything is furry is a big guy called Diesel. He's a very good boy.He's also settling in well.That's pretty much it for news. I've done a bit of writing lately. Trying to get … Continue reading Everything is furry.


I am officially on holiday for the rest of June. And it is glorious. The weather is a bit shite but it's winter so that's expected. My Knight arrived yesterday, after 18 months of being apart (thanks to COVID) we are finally in the same country and house! We have a bit of catching up … Continue reading 1800

Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!

Looking for your next great escape? Thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror, true crime, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance -- all with one common thread: these books will make you scream for more.This FREE app features novels tailored with drama, conflict, suspense, and the fear-inducing action that will keep you gripping your phone and on … Continue reading Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!