We’ve reached the end …

Of October. 🙂 What'd you think I was talking about?Oh, right [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] ... there might be a finishedish first draft that I am going over and beefing up Crockett while checking that this story makes sense. (Grammarly does not recognise finishedish. Guess that'll be added to the "unique word" count for the week. … Continue reading We’ve reached the end …


Hot Stuff

Yes, I'm listening to "Black and Blue", it's one of my favourite Stones albums. The last few days haven't been much fun. Somehow I contracted COVID. Don't know how or when. FYI, you don't want this. Even triple vaxxed, you don't want this. Had an email today from someone who has been asked to interview … Continue reading Hot Stuff

I Am.

I am ... procrastinating.I am ... wishing I could write faster.I am ... listening to 'Have A Nice Day'I am ... 100% procrastinating.I am ... really wanting [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] to move faster.I am ... almost ready to load the final files for [Leave a message].I am ... wondering what is wrong with men that … Continue reading I Am.


I might've been a tad quiet this last week. It wasn't on purpose but things are happening and life is getting busy. As it does. :)Let's recap ... 1. 37 sleeps until My Knight walks through the door!! You have no idea how much we are looking forward to being under the same roof. We've … Continue reading Escape