End of an era?

Feels like the end of an era. Writers Plot Bookshop is closing and will be online only from Saturday. It was a big part of my life for 7 years and now it’s the end.
It was a dream and then a reality and now I’m gone and so is the shop.
I will be up there briefly today to meet with a couple of people but I won’t be hanging around. I can’t handle the lighting and I’m not prepared to have a migraine when I’m now on day two without a headache. That feels like progress. 🙂

What I noticed after Caro sent the email out to authors was how many came back with positive comments etc. Lots of support out there but not the sales to match. Funny huh? Like everything once the shop is gone, people will cry out that they never got the chance to come in … 7 years is what everyone has had. SEVEN. 🙂

I will miss seeing our authors and helping them with various things.
I won’t miss the tyre kickers who only came in to be dicks about Kiwi Authors – of which they knew nothing and therefore embarrassed themselves with their less-than-stellar behaviour.

So far this year, it’s been quite the mixed bag.
I’m hoping it will improve soon. But here we are March 1st and still no surgery date. I’m imagining it won’t be until May/June at this rate.

I managed to finish that story. The one I don’t like. Two fantastic people are reading it for me. It’ll be interesting to see what comes back.
Anywho, it’s done enough to say I finished it and I can now move on.
[Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] is with my editor and it will be a while before it comes back.
Meanwhile, I have something in the pipeline so I might just see how far I get with that. Still limiting screen time and trying not to think too much … yeah, I know, pretty near impossible when you’re an author. Everything is in my head, my brain never stops churning over ideas and scenes.

That’s about it from me. Today I’m posting parcels to the winners from Twitter and Facebook. Three for the post and one to deliver. That’s a fun time!
Might also take a very special wall hanging from the shop today, that’ll make the wall look bare! Also need the attaché case containing some props. (Body parts and so forth.)


2 thoughts on “End of an era?

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the bookshop. It’s a piece of New Zealand that’s gone now. It is funny, isn’t it, how people don’t think about how much they like something until it’s gone. I am glad you’re taking care of your head and your mind, though. Plus, you have plenty on your plate. I’ll be really excited when [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] comes out.

  2. Yes I will miss the bookshop. Sometimes treasures aren’t discovered until everyone has gone and all that’s left is a map of what once was. Make sure that surgery happens you never know who might rediscover you and the shop, and they can get those friggin lights sorted too 🙂 higs!

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