Written in Leaves

It took two years and then some to write this story but now it’s a thing. A proper thing. I even went hardback because I can. 🙂
At 38 thousand words it is a novella.
Sue and I do not like when people say they’ve written a novel and it’s under 80k. And if it’s under 50K … then get real people, that’s a novella. 2-3 hours of reading is a novella, not a novel.
Anywho, it’s a novella called ‘Written in Leaves’ and it’s not crime.
I know!
It’s, well, I don’t know.
There is a touch of romance. Maybe it’s a sweet romance? I’ve put it in romance and contemporary fiction for now.

Here’s the blurb:

When the 3 McClelland sisters inherited the family business, all eyes landed on them. Could they keep the Spellbound Books tradition of throwing amazing book related events alive and turn their first solo event into a raging success?

Reading the tea leaves for the first time since their parents’ accident, the younger two sisters, Poppy and Lily delighted in the hints of romance in their near future. Violet, however, saw trouble linked to someone with a name that started with D.
Concerned that her secret would bring the foretold predicament to fruition, Violet hatched a plan to keep it safe. She didn’t expect the return of a childhood friend and first crush, or how difficult it would be to live a lie while the world unknowingly sang her praises.
If it’s in the leaves is it preordained or mutable?

Feel free to suggest a genre because I seriously do not know.

There is a landing page for this wee story with pre-order links: Written in Leaves
Have at it, people. Make the kid happy. She’s sure it’ll do well.
I’d hate to disappoint her.

Right now – ‘Convoy’ is playing on Magic radio and all I can think about is when Sam was stabbed at a crime scene in Terrorbyte.
If you know, you know. 🙂


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