January is over.

Can't say January was particularly good so I'm hoping Feb will be an improvement. Although, I did finish [Leave a message] in Jan so it wasn't all shit. We're still in the middle of neighbour hell or a war zone. Every day it feels more and more like a war zone. We're waiting for the … Continue reading January is over.


Just Older

Welcome to Friday. Turns out I'm getting older and I'm not super thrilled about it. The age thing is okay, I mean, I'm glad I'm not a freaking Zoomer. Imagine? What's not okay is arthritis and not being able to do what I've always done (and taken for granted). So, today I went looking for … Continue reading Just Older

Reading helps …

For the next month we have significantly dropped the prices of the first 6 Byte novels on #Amazon, to clarify it's the ones listed below and kindle copies: 1. Killerbyte:A death threat in a chatroom leads to the systematic dismemberment of Special Agent Conway’s virtual and real life friends. (2009) mybook.to/killerbyte 2. Terrorbyte:Collaborating with the FSB, Delta … Continue reading Reading helps …